Buzz 505 Studio
Each Show Includes
  • Free podcast consultation
  • Start-to-finish production
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Educated video and audio engineers/producers
  • Expert knowledge on podcast promotion
  • Free print and social media ads
  • Podcast strategy to monetize
  • Production of micro content suitable for other uses
  • Free creative for e.g. rate cards
  • Free show format docs, video and training
  • Free promotion through the Buzz 505 social channels
  • Inexpensive and cost effective
Podcast Show Setup
  • Free Consultation
  • Brand development including show signage
  • Training
  • Hosting set-up at all relevant distribution points including: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube etc.
  • Hosting set-up on the Buzz 505 platform/pages
  • Show development and formula strategy
  • Equipment Training
  • 1000 business cards sizes promotion cards utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) to activate the podcast directly off the card
  • Sponsorship and Advertising strategy meeting & rate card development
  • Show Signage (12”x12” foam core)
Included During Each Episode Recording
  • Show set-up and training of Guest(s)
  • Audio and Video set-up
  • Podcast Hosting & Maintenance
  • Recording of Show
  • Editing show including insertion of ads, images and other videos, call-ins etc
  • Micro content production (i.e. segments of the show repurposed for other uses)
  • Distribution to podcast channels
  • Display Ad(s) in the appropriate snapd publications (based upon relevant locations).
  • Social & Digital media support through snapd channels (Promotion)
  • Monthly Analysis & Review of engagement and bandwidth